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                         SpottedFur walked silently, but she breathed heavier than normal, as she heard a voice speak her name. Turning around the she-cat's eyes widened, but returned with a sigh, when she saw TawnyPelt step out of the light.

                         "I've been waiting, dawn approaches, we have little time." The she-cat nuzzled SpottedFur's neck, then sat and licked her paws. That told SpottedFur the warrior was ready to listen. "It is about BrambleClaw, He has been acting strange lately, and he will not talk to me." SpottedFur mewed.

                  "Now, I know little about my brother, but he has bizzare dreams. That could be it." Tawnypelt said.

                  SpottedFur nodded, that would have to do for now because the clan cats would be awake soon. She bid her goodbye to TawnyPelt and headed back to ThunderClan.
                Just as SpottedFur made her way into the camp, SquirrelPaw was awake eating a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. She padded over to the apprentice. "Aren't you up quite early." SpottedFur meowed giving SquirrelPaw a friendly lick.
              The apprentice set down her vole, then looked at SpottedFur. "Of course, I'm an early riser." SquirrelPaw said proudly, lowering her muzzle to pick up her vole. SpottedFur saw BrambleClaw trotting out of the warriors den letting out a yawn, hurrying over to him quickly.
"BrambleClaw, it's nice to see you up." SpottedFur meowed, hoping the tom wouldn't mention her not being there this morning.

"Good morning SpottedFur, but I've been up for ages it seems. When did you rise? I haven't seen you in the warriors den all night." BrambleClaw asked, sniffing the air. "And may I ask why you smell of ShadowClan?".

SpottedFur's ears shrank back, she couldn't tell the truth could she? What would BrambleClaw think? No, she had to make something up.

                        "I-I have no idea, why I would smell of ShadowClan. Maybe your smelling things." SpottedFur tried not to stutter, as she lied. BrambleClaw cocked his head in disbelief, his fur ruffled a bit.
"I'm not quite sure, I believe you SpottedFur. But because I do not have much proof, I'll leave the matter to StarClan" he meowed softly yawning. The other clan members started to arise and come out of the dens without hesitation, heading over to the fresh kill pile.

                         MouseFur padded over, her eyes worn and her pelt ruffed and dirty. "SpottedFur, I have a problem, a large owl is waking me up at night. Could you catch it?" the brown she-cat questioned. SpottedFur turned her attention on MouseFur and nodded solemly, this would be interesting. Owls were quite the tricksters, but they loved sneaking into the dens and taking off with kits. One time a kit snuck out, Rosekit was her name, she had gotten taken never to be seen again.

                        SpottedFur followed MouseFur to her den, she easily Spotted the golden eyed creature, as it cood at her, tempting her to pounce. "The newborn kits haven't been able to come out to the river to get a drink, they're parched" MouseFur told SpottedFur as the young warrior stared up at the bird.

                   The speckled she-cat nodded prowling slowly towards the animal stalking it. Since it was in a tree, she would have to stun the owl, so it would fall to the ground. That would allow the warrior to attack it's wings, then it would not be able to fly, allowing the kill. As long as SpottedFur was carefull, not giving the owl the chance to claw her eyes out with it's talons.

              After she was in a good possition, she launched herself at the branch the owl was perched on. Unsheathing her claws, she hissed scaring the owl. It fled falling to the ground. SpottedFur used this to her advantage leaping down, claws scraping off the tree in a perfect landing on top of the owl. The injured animal let out a blood curdling screech, that sent shivers down the she-cat's spine, and caught the attention of the other clan cats. SpottedFur quickly bit down on the owl's neck and tried stopping and finishing off the winged creature. Finally the cries stopped, as SpottedFur dropped the kill and licked the blood from her teeth.

             She smiled at her prize, giving herself praise as she turned to face MouseFur. "Tell the queens, that the kits may rest in ease. For the bird is dead" SpottedFur bowed her head, and MouseFur nodded. "Thank StarClan, it's dead, now I may rest without worry." MouseFur added with a purr, she turned to inform the queens of the good news. SpottedFur followed after.

Warriors New Moon: Chapter 1 by Spiral-Fanfics

/ / / ©2012-2016 Spiral-Fanfics
Mature Content
Rated: T for; mild animal violence.

ages 13+
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